(Rei = Spirit, Ki = energy)

Reiki is an ancient form of healing and relaxation therapy where a practitioner moves into a meditative state and lays their hands on or above the body, naturally bringing you into a deeply relaxed and reflective peace of mind. The word 'Reiki' originates from Japan, but it is my opinion that there are many energetic healing modalities all around the world which have different names, but all refer to the same thing, the invoking of spiritual energy, the invoking of the intelligent and mysterious healing power of unconditional love which lies in all of us and is all around us. The experience of Reiki is very relaxing and is intended to help bring balance to the body and to the mind, for when the body is in balance, it is able to heal itself better, and when the mind is in balance, it is able to deal with stress and emotional challenges more easily. Reiki can help with stress-relief, insomnia, headaches, emotional pain release, the restoration  of   vital   energy,   recovering   from  surgery,  for  who are seeking healing, and for those who are sincerely looking for answers within. For this reason, I would recommend anyone try Reiki at least once in their lives, just so that they can feel the transformational energy in which it awakens.